SIVA Active is founded with the main aim to promote healthier lifestyle through accessible, high street quality apparel with the closest fit.


All SIVA Active’s products are very reasonably priced. This is achieved through our distribution choice of not having a brick-and-mortar store, (well, at least for now). Retail presence not only involves store rental, but it will also introduce utilities, renovation cost, furniture, shop assistants, frequent logistic arrangement from warehouse to store, the inefficiencies during non-peak hours, profit buffer so on and so forth. All of which are priced into the price tag of any purchase which can be largely eliminated.  

While online may not be the best way to shop, especially for clothes, but at least it does not have all these inefficiencies found in the traditional distribution method. Our Asian teaching taught us to be thrifty and spending wisely, yeah?


The best way to demonstrate quality is to compare our product with any high-street label side by side. Yes, side by side! One thing can be good, but without comparison, how can we tell which is better? Have a feel of our material, take a closer look at the workmanship especially the stitchwork both outside and inside (very important), stretch it and then evaluate yourself. We don’t claim to be better in terms of quality, after all who we are comparing ourselves to are high-street brands, but we can confidently say that SIVA Active is no lesser!

All SIVA Active products are designed by professional fashion designer who has also been practicing yoga for more than 5 years. We are the one who truly understand all your activewear needs. This is something that not many can offer. 

Quality control is another area that we are fully committed in. In the process of clothing production, there are many rounds of trial-and-errors. This is very much needed as tailors who are not the designers will always have translation errors when interpreting from design plans. Most commercial labels tend to resort after a few rounds of pre-samples in order to save time. SIVA Active vows that this will never be the case for our products, we will definitely invest the time needed in production no matter how long the process takes. We only deliver something that we truly satisfy with.


When we combine accessibility with high-street quality, we are reaching a whole new level where this new heights is often shy away for many. Why must we pay a fortune for good products or accommodate to a less satisfactory product? SIVA Active is probably the answer for best of both worlds! We want to include more people into this welcoming community who have chosen to live a healthier lifestyle fashionably. 

Quoting from a research article, if the people today ate the same amount as their parents did, they would gain weight. Factors contributed to the change are primarily different working conditions and easier access to labour-saving technologies. We can’t emphasize enough the importance of living an active lifestyle in this modern society. Ultimately, you are the biggest beneficiary of your choice!