Sustainability is the core of any brand value for us, and we ensure sustainability. We invest in finding the ideas that ensure mindful living. We are not just concerned about the design and attractiveness of your athletic wear, but we also see the responsible sourcing for your clothes.
Luckily, we find YOU who are focusing on their styles and concerned about where their clothes come from. Siva Active works at the policy of recycle-reuse-reduce, we are not just providing you quality clothes but also helping the world reduce pollution and save resources.

We know very well how our environment needs care, so minimizing harmful impacts on the environment is always our top priority, we try to reduce the overall waste and give the trash a second life with our unique designs, and we ensure eco-friendly at every level.
  • Packaging - We ensure 100% recycled and recyclable packaging our packaging bags are 100% plastic free, non-toxic, water-soluble and landfill biodegradable. All of the shipping boxes are made from recycled paper.
  • Recycled fabrics - We are a top brand for recycled fabrics; we manufacture well-fitted pieces made from excellent quality fabrics that will change the way you feel.
  • Excessive Fabrics - We love excessive sourcing fabrics from our suppliers. And we have started using over produced fabric since our first collection and constantly looking for durable and high-quality performance excessive fabric.
Our eco collections are made of recycled polyester and spandex materials. We use recycled plastic and nylon mixed with spandex to make ultra-soft, stretchy, naturally breathable, and smooth hand-feel.  All of our products contain more the 70 percent of recycled materials and 17 to 25 percent spandex mix.


Why do you make recycled nylon& polyester fabric?

You may not know how harmful plastic is for our environment; every piece of plastic ever made still exists in the world, which is not just harming our surroundings but becoming poison for aquatic life. It is estimated that if we did not control the plastic wastes from mixing in the oceans, there would be more plastic pieces than the fish.

The reason for recycled nylon fabrics is straightforward; just think about what will happen to the old fishing nets and other nylon waste if not recycled? So, our purposes of using recycled nylon fabrics are:

It is reducing ocean pollution by using waste items for valuable products that are high-quality and save your aquatic environment.

We help the marine life and protect it from pollution

We give a second life to every waste that not just protect our environment but also save our sources.

We not just believe but also practically ensure recycle-reuse-reduce.

How do you make your recycled fabric?

It is hard to believe turning a plastic bottle into a versatile and beautiful fabric, but it is possible. We are doing that to provide you eco-friendly according to global recycle standard citification standard clothes. Our recycled products are soft, long-lasting, durable, lightweight, and breathable that are fine and fit for you.

The process of recycled fabric is dealt with care, and we ensure high quality according to global recycle standard citification to produce the recycled fabrics. Our step-by-step recycled fabric-making process is as below.

Step 1. Collection of waste plastic items

As we have mentioned, we make recycled fabrics from post-consumer plastic bottles, fishing nets, and other wastes. So, first, we collect such waste materials in Taiwan. The one reason for collecting such materials from Taiwan is that many certified and experienced fabric–manufacturing factories know very well about recycled fabrics.

Step 2. Cleaning and washing

You know well the purity of any material is the essence of quality, so we only use plastic waste materials for quality assurance. After collection, our next process is to wash and clean the plastic nets, bottles, and other products. During that process, all the labels, lids, and other materials except plastic are removed from waste items, then wash them and cleaned with care.

Step 3. Shredding and melting process

The Next process after washing and cleaning is the shredding and melting of plastic waste pieces. All plastic fishing nets, waste products, and bottles are shredded into flakes then melted in the recycled chips to prepare for the next process.

Step 4. Yarn spinning

Once the plastic materials have melted in the recycled chips, they are reformed, and then the spinning process starts. Reformed materials are spun into yarn to ready them for the next process.

Step 5. Recycled Fabrics

It may not be confusing now for you to understand because yarn could easily turn into fabrics. Like other fabrics process, the recycled materials made yarn then turn into fabrics that are durable and fit and sustainable.

Are recycled fabrics being BPA free?

Yes, our recycled fabrics are BPA (bisphenol A, an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastics and resins) free; we know why you are confused because some plastic types such as polycarbonates contain BPA, some other types of plastic also contain BPA. But we use PET polyethylene terephthalate that has been tested for over many years and proves safe for use.

Do excessive fabrics are of inferior quality?

It may happen sometime, but every time it is not. It is not necessary only inferior quality fabrics collected back; sometimes high-quality fabrics also return for many reasons, like over-produced than demand. No worry about the quality of the excessive fabric because we ensure the selection of premium performance fabric.  Our fabrics are passed through a test before using them for products.

How do you restock the items that are made of excessive fabric?

We do not overproduce most of the time; we do not overproduce; if the stock sells out, we will custom make the fabric in limited quantities. So you do not need to be worry about the restock items.

How can I know you are really using recycled fabric?

Yes actually you can hardly distinguish recycled fabrics from normal fabrics with naked eye. That is why we need GRS certification to prove that the fabric we are using is strictly up to the eco standard. We want to be as transparent as possible to you, so we are happy to show you our GRS certification, just click here.

Where are the products made?

Our products are manufactured in China. China is one of the biggest markets where many big factories work in the fabric industry market. It is easy to find the best and most trained workers who know very well about product quality improvement.

We do our best to provide high-quality products to our customers at very reasonable rates. Since China has become the hub for fashion products, it is a significant opportunity to manufacture products there.

How do you maintain sustainability at your factories?

Sustainability at our factories is closely monitored; we make frequent visits to factories to ensure that the employees' working environment is safe and comfortable. Employees receive fair pay, get time off, have strict working hours.

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